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KashiSearch byGMO


+---------------------------------------------------+Check the lyrics while listening to your Android’s music.+---------------------------------------------------+It is the best free music player to automatically display the lyrics of the music on you Android!We have the lyrics of more than 1 000 000 japanese and western songs!We’ve added tons of Vocaloid songs and western song and we keep adding lyrics daily so you can enjoy your music even more!
With KashiSearch, you can :・Watch the Vocaloid’s artists official youtube videos so you can practice your moves.・You can preview songs and buy them from iTunes and their lyrics will automatically be displayed while you listen to them.・If there are lyrics you particularly like, you can easily share them on Twitter or Facebook.・You can practice your Karaoke skills by listening to the song while checking the lyrics.・If you see a TV show that you like and you don’t know the theme song, you can easily search it up straight from the app.・You can search a song with just some sentences from the lyrics if you hear a song on TV or at some place outside.
Video functionalityYou can check the artist official youtube pages straight from the app・You can practice your moves while watching your favorite idols, AKB48, Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, etc.・Watch the official videos of your favorite artists.・Discover new artists.
Share functionality・Facebook・Twitter
Useful lyric search functionalitySearch easily through our massive library and find great songs: recent hits, anime songs, oldies, TV shows’ songs, commercials’ songs, etcexample:Artist name + song namePart of the artist name + song namePart of a song name from a TV show or an anime serie
Comment functionalityYou can post comments on your favorite songs like “I love that song”, “this phrase is so moving!”, etc.Let’s rock with the other fans of your favorite songs!Maybe they will help you find great songs!
Favorite functionalityRegister songs you really like as favorites and build your own playlist from your favorite songs!
Ranking functionalityCheck the most popular songs and hottest lyrics!Your favorite artists may go up in the ranking so check the ranking often!